Endemic Garden literally means a garden unique to the area, with the desire to create a place for interaction between local things (people, endemic plants) and visitors.

Endemic garden “H” comes from our hometown(Hentona), Habitant, Hearth, Heal, Health & Happiness.

We think that there is something that can be connected and protected by the local people communicating the rich natural environment of the village and the culture that is closely related to the nature.

Local tourism resources are a treasure of the region. By connecting tourists and local residents and returning the benefits of tourism to the local community, we would like to solve local issues such as depopulation and a shortage of workers. I believe that this will lead to the protection of the local nature, culture, and people’s lives.

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Representative Partner of Endemic Garden H, Inc. Itsumi Nakamoto

I want to solve local problems through tourism.

「Community pride」

Endemic Garden literally means a garden unique to the area, with the desire to create a place for interaction between local things (people, endemic plants)

In the process, I was able to rediscover the rich natural environment I was able to rediscover the beauty of the rich natural environment and the culture that is closely related to that environment, and the warmth and strength of the people who live close to nature, preserving and passing on their culture, which I was not able to notice as a child.

At such a time, the three Yanbaru villages of Kunigami, Ogimi, and Higashimura have started an effort to register as a World Natural Heritage site. Even though we live in a natural environment that is nominated as a World Natural Heritage site, we rarely realize the richness of the environment in our daily lives. Many of the cultures that are closely related to the natural environment have been preserved only in form, and their meanings are about to be forgotten.

While there are people who say, “The nature and culture of Yanbaru is a treasure of the region,” there are also many who are indifferent to it because it has become directly irrelevant to them.

In addition, perhaps triggered by the efforts to register the village as a World Natural Heritage site, new hotels have been built even in depopulated villages, and tourists can be seen every day in the villages, so we can feel the growing demand for tourism firsthand.

“A coordinator to connect communities and tourism”

In order to pass on the natural environment and culture that we have now to the next generation, I believe it is important to recall the pride of the community, connect it with tourism, and return the benefits of tourism, including spirituality, to the community. In order to realize this, we need a coordinator who can connect local people with tourists and other visitors.

Therefore, I have decided to resign from the Kunigami Village Office and launch a regional travel agency in my home village of Kunigami in August 2019 to serve as a coordinator for the region.

“To our customers…”

I would be happy if we could provide our customers with a tour that would give them wonderful memories and also bring back some insights that would be the essence of their daily lives.

We will do our best to provide you with such a tour.

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Endemic Garden H Co., Ltd.Yambaru Tours
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accessAccess from Naha Airport to Yanbaru Kunigami Village

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public road
Naha Airport - Route 58 - Xijishiki, Yanbaru Kunigami Village (about 2 hours and 30 minutes)
Okinawa Expressway
Naha Airport - Naha I.C. - Xuta I.C. - Route 58 - Xijashiki, Yanbaru Kunitou Village (approx. 2 hours)

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Naha Airport - Nago Bus Terminal (transfer to Hendona Line 67) - jashiki, Yanbaru Kunitou Village (about 3 hours)
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Kunigami Village (No. 67) to jashiki bus stop (about 56 minutes)